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Stop Letting the Slogan "The Sunshine State" Go To Waste
Create Your Own Electricity Right At Home
Less Expensive Than Ever. Pays For Itself Faster.

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Brands In The Industry!


Solar energy isn't just for the environmentally-minded or treehuggers. Most of our most recent clients are actually just everyday people who are sick of paying sky high prices for electricity.
Plenty Of Federal, State, And Local Incentives
Going solar means you're putting less pressure on the federal power grid, which is why there's so many tax credits and local incentives to help you make that decision easier. It's almost like they secretly want you to go solar :)
Clean, Renewable, & Free Electricity
Having solar installed ensures you can produce energy for free, regardless of future rate hikes. The energy is clean, renewable, and doesn't come from burning fossil fuels
Improves Grid Security & The Wider Economy
Generating your own electricity, you're putting less pressure on the grid, making it less likely to blackout. And it supports skilled workers and innovation in the growing solar industry
Boosts Home's Value & Makes It Easier To Sell
WIth the real estate market cooling down, shoppers are being pickier–– and solar is a huge selling point! Not only does it increase your homes's value, but also makes it easier to sell. To the homebuyer, it's like the home comes with free power
25-Year Warranty
EcoPower NRG only works with industry-leading vendors and suppliers. All of our installations come with a 25-Year Warranty or longer, with worry-free maintenance provided


Why Get Your Solar Energy System from EcoPower NRG

14+ Years Experience
Eco-Friendly &
Money-Saving Solutions
Start-to-Finish Customer Support
Licensed & Insured
Miami-Dade County Approved Products
Top Brands & Components
Multiple Financing Options
Competitive Pricing


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Solar Solutions Designed to Save You Money

FPL rate hikes are out of control, making solar energy appealing to many who had never considered it before. Buy It and Own It!
Cutting-Edge Technologies
We update our product and vendor offerings often, ensuring we always offer the latest tech
Local & Federal Incentives
With tax credits & incentives, and easy financing, a system pays for itself faster than ever
Up to 25-Year Warranty
Your system is likely to pay for itself 2x or 3x over before needing to be upgraded

Is Solar Energy Right For Your Home?

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Serving the South Florida community, EcoPower NRG is Home Improvement Contactor offering solutions that make our Homes and Commercial properties better protected, more energy efficient, less costly to maintain, and improves the quality of our lives! 

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