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Make The Most Of The Energy You Create... By Keeping It All!
Save Excess Energy You Produce to Use Later
Great Alternative To Selling Your Energy Back

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There's no other product in the market today that adds more value, protects your home better, and pays for itself faster than Impact Windows & Doors
Energy Reliability
An energy storage system is an ideal solution for both home and business, providing a reliable power source during grid outages, safeguarding critical operations and minimizing downtime, which is especially important for businesses that cannot afford interruptions in their services or processes
Maximized Solar Utilization
By storing excess solar energy to use during nighttime, cloudy days, or peak demand periods, you maximize the return on your solar investment and further reduce energy costs
Peak Demand Reduction
Energy storage allows you to draw from stored power during peak demand periods, reducing expensive demand charges on your electricity bill. This can lead to substantial savings, especially when utility rates during peak hours is quite high
Grid Independence
Combining energy storage with solar reduces your reliance on the grid, ensuring complete energy independence. This makes you immune from the ever increasing energy rates and outages from severe weather we've all seen in recent years
Environmental Impact
Stored solar energy minimizes the reliance on fossil fuels. For busineses, it demonstrates a commitment to sustainability, which can attract eco-conscious customers and partners


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Interested in Energy Backup for Your Home or Commercial Property?

Make the Most of Your Solar Energy Installation With An Energy Storage System!

Invaluable Impact Solutions To Protect & Save

Adding Impact Windows & Doors to your home or commercial property is no doubt a major investment. Fortunately, they more than pay for themselves in both the short-term and long-term
Cutting-Edge Solutions
We offer multiple product lines from top manufacturers, each being the best in their class
$0 Down Financing
Multiple financing options available, including $0 Down and No Payments for 18 months
Up to 25-Year Warranty
Many of our Impact products carry a Lifetime Warranty if ever broken– including Labor!

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Serving the South Florida community, EcoPower NRG is Home Improvement Contactor offering solutions that make our Homes and Commercial properties better protected, more energy efficient, less costly to maintain, and improves the quality of our lives! 

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