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Go Solar The Easy Way 
With Our Exclusive EcoPower BillSaver℠ Program

It's no surprise that many past customers refer to BillSaver℠ as going solar without paying for solar. Since the company covers the cost of pretty much everything, you basically get the benefits without the stress. The company handle everything!
And just to prove it, there's literally no waiting period. You can start seeing significant savings on your energy bill from the very first month! To summarize:
  1. We cover the cost of all of your equipment
  2. We cover the cost of Engineering & Permits
  3. We cover the cost of Installation & City Inspections
  4. We provide complete system monitoring & maintenance for 20 Years! If something breaks or stops performing as it should, we fix it!
  5. $0 to Start. $0 to Maintain. All while saving significantly on your power bill immediately, from Month 1!
There's details to go over, obviously. But it's a great option for homeowners that want the solar savings without necessariily buying a system.
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Each Option Has Several Sub-Options. We Make Sure You Get The Best Deal.

Three Attractive Payment Options

If You Can, Do This
Skip the Interest & Fees
No need to worry about any of that, since you purchased it outright
The Highest Long-Term Savings
You'll have the highest Return-on-Investment by far with this option
30% Federal Tax Credit (ITC)
30% of the cost of your energy system gets credited back on Federal Taxes you would have otherwise paid
Local Rebates & Incentives
Your state, city, and county all have programs to promote clean energy
Easier to Sell Your Home
Imagine if you were to buy a house with free electricity included!
Conclusions. Who Is It For:
If you have the cash on hand to buy it outright, do it! This is by far the best option of the 3
BillSaver℠ Program
The Most Popular, By Far!
Zero Upfront Costs
Get started with nothing Up Front!
FREE Installation Included
The installation, including all permits & inspections, is included! 
FREE Maintenance Included
Maintenance and Monitoring comes included with your system. The cost of repairs are included, and low-performing panels are replaced
No Increase in Insurance
In Florida, solar systems above 10KwH require additional homeowner's insurance. With BillSaver℠, the system is insured by the company, not you. You save! 
Low Fixed Monthly Bill
With BillSaver℠, you can be cash flow positive and start saving money from the very first month!
Conclusions. Who Is It For:
If you can't pay cash and your credit isn't the best, or not good enough to get a good favorable loan, this is the CLEAR way to go! For over 80% of the clients we meet, this is the ideal solution
Finance It and Pay Over Time
$0 Upfront, Pay Over Time
You can make a down payment if you like, but most loans include a $0 down option as well
30% Federal Tax Credit (ITC)
This essentially amounts to a 30% discount on the cost of your system
Low-Interest Loans Avaiable
Lenders like these types of loans and often offer very favorable rates
Low Fixed Monthly Cost
Your loan is amortized and your monthly payment is fixed and lower than your old electric bill used to be
No Collateral Required
Solar loans are considered unsecured, so they're less risky
Conclusions. Who Is It For:
If don't have the cash to buy it outright, but have great credit and receive a great loan offer, go this route. It's the ideal 2nd option


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