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No One-Size-Fits-All Loans Like Others Offer
Choose the Best Option You Qualify For
Each Option Has Several Sub-Options. We Make Sure You Get The Best Deal.

Three Attractive Payment Options

If You Can, Do This
Skip the Interest & Fees
No need to worry about any of that, since you purchased it outright
The Highest Long-Term Savings
You'll have the highest Return-on-Investment by far with this option
30% Federal Tax Credit (ITC)
30% of the cost of your energy system gets credited back on Federal Taxes you would have otherwise paid
Local Rebates & Incentives
Your state, city, and county all have programs to promote clean energy
Easier to Sell Your Home
Imagine if you were to buy a house with free electricity included!
Conclusions. Who Is It For:
If you have the cash on hand to buy it outright, do it! This is by far the best option of the 3
BillSaver℠ Program
The Most Popular, By Far!
Zero Upfront Costs
Get started with nothing Up Front!
FREE Installation Included
The installation, including all permits & inspections, is included! 
FREE Maintenance Included
Maintenance and Monitoring comes included with your system. The cost of repairs are included, and low-performing panels are replaced
No Increase in Insurance
In Florida, solar systems above 10KwH require additional homeowner's insurance. With BillSaver℠, the system is insured by the company, not you. You save! 
Low Fixed Monthly Bill
With BillSaver℠, you can be cash flow positive and start saving money from the very first month!
Conclusions. Who Is It For:
If you can't pay cash and your credit isn't the best, or not good enough to get a good favorable loan, this is the CLEAR way to go! For over 80% of the clients we meet, this is the ideal solution
Finance It and Pay Over Time
$0 Upfront, Pay Over Time
You can make a down payment if you like, but most loans include a $0 down option as well
30% Federal Tax Credit (ITC)
This essentially amounts to a 30% discount on the cost of your system
Low-Interest Loans Avaiable
Lenders like these types of loans and often offer very favorable rates
Low Fixed Monthly Cost
Your loan is amortized and your monthly payment is fixed and lower than your old electric bill used to be
No Collateral Required
Solar loans are considered unsecured, so they're less risky
Conclusions. Who Is It For:
If don't have the cash to buy it outright, but have great credit and receive a great loan offer, go this route. It's the ideal 2nd option


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Is It Right For You?

We Give You The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

There's Pros & Cons to them, like with anything. Below we go over the big questions in a simple FAQ format
PACE Loans Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
What is PACE financing and how does it work?
PACE is that "government program" you hear people talking about–– although that's NOT correct. It is a private loan program that allows you to pay back your loan by adding the payments to your property taxes, but it is NOT sponsored or part of the government in any way.

PACE stands for Property Assessed Clean Energy, a program created to allow homeowners a way to pay for energy efficient home improvements such as a new Roof, Solar Energy, Impact Windows, new Air Conditioner, and more. They have much easier rules to qualify compared to traditional loans, and the payments are added to the property taxes. It's currently only available in 3 States: Florida, California, and Missouri.
Does EcoPower NRG offer PACE financing?
Yes, EcoPower NRG offers PACE programs from ReNew, GoodLeap, and HomeRun. We like to provide options in order to help our clients get the very best deal they qualify for
Who are the major PACE providers in the South Florida area?
The biggest ones are: Ygrene, ReNew, HomeRun, GoodLeap, FortiFi, Alliance NRG, Renovate America. There's a few more, but those are the main ones
Who is the ideal candidate for PACE financing?
The ideal PACE customer is one that doesn't have the credit score or sufficient income to qualify for a traditional loan, but has lots of equity in their home. Because PACE puts more emphasis on the owner's equity, not on their credit. In short, PACE should be used as a LAST option, not a first option.
What are the rules to Qualify for a PACE loan?
Each company might have more specific requirements, but generally, all PACE companies have the following reqs: 
1) you can't have any bankruptcies in your credit history
2) you have to be current on your morgage
3) you need to have paid your property taxes on time for atleast the previous 3 years
4) you can't have a reverse mortgage on your home
What are the Positives/Pros with PACE financing?
PACE financing is extremely easy to qualify for, which is why lazy contractors often offer them to everyone by default, even if their Client could qualify for a better loan. PACE loans also offer 100% financing, which make them attractive to customers that want a zero down payment option. The interest you pay on your PACE loan is typically tax-deductible, and since the loan is attached to the property and not the owner, it can be transferred to the new owner if you were to sell your home if the buyer's lender is OK with it and the buyer wants to assume the loan. If not, this could be present a MAJOR problem (see below), as most lenders don't like PACE liens and will want the loan paid-off in full and the lien removed first before approving a mortgage loan to the new buyer. 
What are the Negatives/Cons with PACE financing?
PACE loans are paid back using property tax assessments, and are considered a tax lien. PACE loan payments ("assessments") are treated with equal weight as county Property Taxes, and therefore, not paying your PACE loan is equivalent to not paying your property taxes, and could lead you down the path to property tax delinquency and possibly even foreclosure. 

Also, it can be difficult to sell a home with a PACE loan attached because it stays with the property, not the owner, and therefore transfers over to the next owner. Some mortgage lenders will not give a mortgage to someone who wants to buy a home with a PACE loan attached to it, often requiring the PACE lien to be removed first. The same applies to refinancing–– most lenders won't approve a refinance loan until the PACE lien is removed first. And lastly, interest rates on PACE loans are usually higher than traditional loans, and sometimes require large chunk/balloon payments 1-2x a year, depending on your loan
Why was Ygrene in serious trouble recently?
The State of California and the Federal Trade Commission sued Ygrene and forced them to cease operations nationwide for repeatedly misleading consumers about the financial impact of the loans on selling or refinancing their home, and for placing liens on properties without the homeowner's consent, oftentimes before the work was even completed.

Ygrene agreed to pay a significant fine and to stop deceiving customers, to more closely monitor their local contractors to make sure they're not using misleading information or  high-pressure sales tactics, to obtain the homeowner's express consent before placing a lien on the property, and to establish a clear process for releasing liens from properties.

This whole incident was embarrasing not just for Ygrene but for the other PACE lenders as well, as most are guilty of doing some of those things, albeit to a lesser degree.

Like we said earlier, EcoPower NRG offers these programs due to consumer demand, not because we particularly like them. When we offer them, we make all the Pros, Cons, and loan details crystal clear to the homeowner, and haven't received any negative feedback yet from past clients regarding their experience–– once again proving that PACE can be a good option if there is no better option, and when the homeowner is well-informed and 100% aware of the program's pluses and minuses to watch out for.
Final Thoughts:
As you can see, we give it to you straight. From our experience, we don't recommend PACE loans unless we've exhausted all other options and couldn't get the homeowner approved for anything better.

In summary, based on past experience with PACE and other loan programs, if you can't afford to buy your system cash, and you can't qualify for a traditional loan, and your PACE loan offer is anything short of excellent, you're much better off just using our BillSaver℠ program and skipping all that mess.
Serving the South Florida community, EcoPower NRG is Home Improvement Contactor offering solutions that make our Homes and Commercial properties better protected, more energy efficient, less costly to maintain, and improves the quality of our lives! 

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