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At EcoPower NRG, we understand that choosing the right solar energy installer is a crucial decision. With a deep commitment to environmental sustainability and a passion for renewable energy, we are your trusted partner in the transition to clean power.

As a highly experienced solar panel installation company, our roots run deep in South Florida, earning the trust and recommendations of countless satisfied customers and Homeowners Associations. Our mission is to deliver top-quality solar solutions that not only contribute to a greener future but also substantially reduce your energy costs! 

This is the Sunshine State! Join us in harnessing the power of the sun for a cleaner, more sustainable tomorrow.

World-Class Equipment From The Best Providers!


Solar isn't just for tree huggers anymore! With the cost of everything rising lately and solar becoming less expensive than ever, more and more property owners are looking at solar for the first time. Solar simply works, it just does! Even financing a system, with it's many tax credits and incentives, a system can pay for itself in as little as 7-10 years, while still being covered by a 25-Year Warranty from the manufacturer. That's stress-free living right there!

With electricity, remember: "You Can Either Pay For It And Own It, Or Pay For It And Not Own It. But One Way Or Another, You're Paying For It!". Click the link below to learn more.
Unlock the Power of Commercial Solar with EcoPower! Discover the financial advantages of embracing solar energy for your business. Not only can you significantly reduce operational costs, but you'll also position your company as an environmentally conscious leader, gaining favor in the eyes of customers and investors. Additionally, there are enticing tax incentives available for solar installations. Take the step towards sustainability while enjoying substantial savings and improving your corporate image.

Join the growing community of businesses harnessing the benefits of commercial solar with EcoPower NRG.
Experience Energy Freedom with EcoPower's Cutting-Edge Battery Backup Systems! Whether you're a homeowner looking for more independence or a business aiming to ensure continuous operations, our energy storage solutions offer unmatched convenience. Store excess energy generated during the day for use during cloudy or rainy periods or at night, making you your own energy provider. Not only do you gain control over your power supply, but you also reduce reliance on the grid, enhancing your energy resilience.

Join the growing number of eco-conscious individuals and companies taking charge of their energy future with EcoPower's innovative battery backup systems.


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Go Solar The Easy Way 
With Our Exclusive EcoPower BillSaver℠ Program

It's no surprise that many past customers refer to BillSaver℠ as going solar without paying for solar. Since the company covers the cost of pretty much everything, you basically get the benefits without the stress. The company handle everything!
And just to prove it, there's literally no waiting period. You can start seeing significant savings on your energy bill from the very first month! To summarize:
  1. We cover the cost of all of your equipment
  2. We cover the cost of Engineering & Permits
  3. We cover the cost of Installation & City Inspections
  4. We provide complete system monitoring & maintenance for 20 Years! If something breaks or stops performing as it should, we fix it!
  5. $0 to Start. $0 to Maintain. All while saving significantly on your power bill immediately, from Month 1!
There's details to go over, obviously. But it's a great option for homeowners that want the solar savings without necessariily buying a system.
Learn More About BillSaver℠

The Reviews Are In! 

It Appears That We're Really Good At What We Do :)

Cynthia S., Pompano Beach, FL
"I can't recommend you guys enough! Your team even helped me prepare my wind mitigation paperwork for my insurance company. My homeowner's insurance premium renewal went down by $7,220 this year! Thank you EcoPower!"
Kathey G., Plantation Acres, FL
"Our daughter had impact windows put on her townhouse last October, and her contractor highly recommended you guys for solar! When we finally decided to make the switch you were the first people we called, and we're glad we did! You have another very happy client over here!"
Ana S., Pembroke Pines, FL
"Gracias Patricia por el excelente servicio! Cuando alguien aca en mi comunidad pregunta sobre energia solar, inmediatamente le recomendamos EcoPower NRG :)"
Veronica P., Pinecrest, FL
"You were the first estimate I got. Got three more after you but they were higher, the salespeople were pushy, and the estimates weren't itemized. I loved your estimate, it was competitive, and also broken down, and the time schedule you gave me for installation was perfect!"
Santos G., North Miami Beach, FL
"Mi cuñada Erika los recomendo cuando nos hizo falta cambiar el techo. Queriamos aprovechar y por fin poner paneles solares al mismo tiempo. Nos gusto que hablaban español, y el precio nos gusto tambien. Todo se instalo en 3 dias y no dejaron un desastre :) Muchas gracias Tomas! Tienes un bueno equipo"
Marili H., Miami Shores, FL
"The service I received from Leo was excellent! Got new a new metal roof along with a complete solar PV system. I didn't feel pressured, and he went over all my options clearly. The estimate was very good. I took several weeks to decide but your team was patient with us up until the end! We're glad we chose EcoPower NRG."

Will A Solar Energy System Save You Money?

We Don't Know. Unlike Most Solar People, We Don't Automatically Assume You Will. 
If You Won't, We'll Tell You Upfront...
If You Will, We'll Review All of Your Available Options...
Either Way, It Starts With Requesting More Information Below:
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Why Get Your Solar from EcoPower NRG?

You certainly have options when it's time to choose a Contractor. You'll find us to be lean and efficient–– large enough to do the job right, but still small enough to actually care 
South Florida Based
With our main offices and Showroom in Dania Beach, we're centrally located to ALL of South Florida. We also have a presence in Fort Myers, St. Pete, and Orlando
Licensed, Bonded, Insured
Our Installation teams and partners are all duly Licensed, Insured, and Bonded. Permit applications are handled quickly since they're all prepared by licensed Engineers and Architects
Access to Top Suppliers & Vendors
Whether it's Solar Panels from Panasonic or QCells; Inverters from Schneider Electric or Enphase, our EXCLUSIVE EcoPower BillSaver℠ Program, or multiple finance options–– we give you access to the best of the best!!!
Hablamos Español
Mas de la mitad de nuestro equipo habla Español y esta listo para ayudarle en cada paso!
FAST Turnaround Times!
Call us or Request a Callback and we'll call you back in less than 48 hours. Meet with one of our Estimators in 2-4 days! If you love our Proposal, we can begin Installation in as little as a week! 
Assistance with Tax Credits
We can't provide any tax advice, but we can provide clear steps on how to fill out your IRS Form 5695 and submit everything to your accountant or tax preparer in order to ensure your Tax Credits are processed and applied properly. Nobody else offers this level of service!
Serving the South Florida community, EcoPower NRG is Home Improvement Contactor offering solutions that make our Homes and Commercial properties better protected, more energy efficient, less costly to maintain, and improves the quality of our lives! 

Let our Team provide you with a professional no-pressure detailed Estimate for your project.
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