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Not All Impact Window Companies Are The Same. We offer Written No-Pressure Quotes in 48Hours or Less, a Dedicated Park Place Sales & Support Team, and Special Low Rates for Residents of Park Place!

Benefits of Impact Windows to  Residents 
of Park Place 

Protection from Hurricane Winds & Debris
Imagine never having to evacuate or put up shutters ever again! Even Category 5 storms are no match for our Impact Windows. Impact Windows turn your home into a Fortress!
HUGE Discounts on Condo Insurance
In South Florida, Impact Windows often pay for themselves in only a few years just from the homeowner's insurance discounts alone! Our Support Team will even help you prepare your documents!
Protection from Burglary & Break-ins (and golf balls!)
During crazy times, crime goes up–– even with security. But with Impact Windows, criminals know they're pretty much impossible to beat and won't even bother trying
HUGE Energy Savings / Lower Electricity Bills
Impact Windows are airtight! Zero gaps means cool air stays in and hot air stays out! You can even opt for Low-E glass, keeping it even cooler and lowering your FPL bill even more!
Keeps Outside Noise OUT!
Your quality of life will instantly skyrocket when you don't hear outside car traffic,  ambulance & firetruck sirens, or landscapers
Increase Your Property's Value
In South Florida, there's no better way to boost your property's value than by adding Hurricane Resistant Impact Windows. Plus, they'll make your place incredibly easy to sell for more!

We Make Getting Your Impact Windows EASY

Only Top Quality Brands
We only work with Miami-Dade County Approved windows rated for up to a Category 5 & 150mph
$0 Down Financing
If needed, we offer multiple financing options for any situation, along with strong Senior discounts
Lifetime Warranty
All of our Impact Windows come with a Lifetime Warranty. They're the last windows you'll ever buy! 
Generous Referral Program
Know someone looking for Impact Windows? We offer a $300 Referral Reward for every new Client you help connect us with
Trouble-Free Installations
We're familiar with all of Park Place's rules, so there's no trouble. We even use dust barriers to keep your furniture and belongings dust-free
Dedicated Client Support
Our PPOA Team helps you with everything from reserving the cargo elevator to preparing your insurance paperwork to claim your Discounts!


Why Get Your Impact Windows from EcoPower NRG?

14+ Years Experience
Eco-Friendly &
Money-Saving Solutions
Dedicated Park Place
Client Support
Licensed & Insured
Miami-Dade County Approved Products
Top Brands & Components
Multiple Financing Options
Park Place HUGE 
Volume Discounts


It All Starts With A Simple Phone Call.  
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Our Team Is Standing By Ready to Help

We understand that with Park Place being a 55+ community, the majority of residents are on fixed incomes. We provide VERY competitive itemized proposals, we're NEVER pushy, and our installation crews make sure your installation is stress-free and On Schedule!
Leonardo Soto
Park Place Windows Estimator
Patricia Da Silva
Park Place Windows Estimator
Jorge Soto
Project Foreman
Daniela Alvarez
Park Place Dedicated Client Support

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Unlike other companies that often make you wait 1-2 weeks just to get an in-person Estimate, we provide WRITTEN estimates to Park Place residents in under 48hours or less if necessary. We're thorough and respect your time and privacy, too.
Step 3
Receive You Custom Estimate!
Our Estimates are always SUPER competitive, especially for Residents of Park Place! We're not pushy either. Take your time, think it over. In the end, you'll be glad you chose EcoPower NRG!
Our Team Stays With You From Start-to-Finish
Once you sign off on your Estimate and have your Financing approved (if applicable), we'll schedule your installation in as little as 8 Weeks! Not only that, but we stay involved throughout the entire process–– from the paperwork that Park Place needs, to your Permits, to helping prepare your documents for your insurance company in order to get your massive Insurance discounts!

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